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Old man?"Liao learns a soldier to grasp a head to admire Shi.The palm of Di Na:"I is win the teaching material of sea Vinaceous Rosefinch garage, want to invite you Ning screw in the garage, your finger is very long very vivid, the absolute ability fixs each motorcycle is well."
", Sir, I think that I don't really be suited for that heavy manual labor."Admire Shi.The handle knob of Di Na took out to return to.
"I is also unsuitable for a mold to pick a quarrel to throw a head to appear especially of throw person's occupation."Liao learns a soldier cold response.
Wang Yi Fu hurriedly gathers together to admire Shi.The Di Na ear low voice said severals and admired Shi.The Di Na changed one right away proud:"Sir is choose clothes to take part in a party of, please follow."Wang Yi Fu isn't understand either old Liao is what identity, but since enchant the strict letter spring of total representative director in the island to value that degree, imagining in no case will be a low class person, may have relation with consumedly big owner very much.
Open back door, let into old Liao, admired Shi.Di Na says:"Sir, the clothings here all provide to enchant the island dignifies most of guest of, you at will choose, can like?"
Picked up a white western dress, it is fine to tailor to pour, unfortunately too clean and pure, Mo always Tai that kind of the people wear to just have flavor, a swallow-tailed coat, shake, he doesn't want to be paradise conductor.
Admire Shi.The Di Na follows behind, whenever his vision which clothes up stop over a little bit longer, rob up introduction:"Sir, this is the small tunic that takes to have Arabian style, cut to make with hemp and silk, , that skin anticipates is empress modern network, special at after got to add small cape, you put on a body definitely and very spirit ……"
Old Liao says:"Mama of, the chicken chicken is slanting, Lao Tze want to seek a recreation of, don't be so formal can."See a purple shirt, " was it."
At 8:30 the clock are a class of to take the lead eldest brother for three years what lately wear a to wear a ragged jeans, the foot steps slippers and simultaneously follows behind the classmate together coming to say:"Go, two years two classes of form master capable what title?If not that for the sake of Li Xing Hua, I am just lazy to get, not Lao Tze early went to game hall and amused."Shi Shi however walk into assembly hall, got a fright while ascending.
The close relatives of swimming pool neighborhood have already been broken up, the head arrives from the east west the head hang 21s colourful take, embellish a colourful colourful light, look pleased spirit ocean ocean, cent outside please the eye.All of waters in the swimming pool changed 1 time, clean and pure, take a tray station to beside wait on a life in ten attendant hands in the hotels that are dressed in a yellow Bikini swimwear.
Swimming pool or so two rows as long as 20 meters of long table of spreads white table cloth, place dazzlingly clear candlestick, the back of each table's hasing six cooks is roasting seafood, the going together with of feast for the eyes anticipates to then take and roast to send forth captivating flavor with the hand.Put to living the oyster sting body, oyster, sole on the table, cod roe of fish, red bonito, various, see person the dimmed eyesight is confused.
The thing both sides is cool plastics Peng, totally more than 20 round tables and more than 100 chairs, on paying more than ten persons small scaled music band to sit very neatly, the in front puts musical score and starts giving musical performance floating joyful serenade.
Leaf the jade tiger whole body pen the white western dress for standing, the neck descends beautiful bow tie, if the Yuan faces the breeze jade tree sort and carries one cup Ma Di Ni in hand, the station of grace strikes up a conversation beauty by the side of the pond, are two classes of for two years which boy isn't a Jiao Jiao like prince charming?Which girl isn't lightly moving if Snow White?
What lately see to ownly attire, split second, blush with shame deeply neck:This time bring shame Be getting bigger.
Absolutely losing soccer cup finals than last time is still embarrassed, like be street streaking of embarrassed, particularly is Li Xing Hua whom the Qiao smiles Qian Xi to wear purple red dew back set skirt to walk to him, noble and cultured, if Yuan sky bright moon, shallow smile slightly way:"He Xin's classmate, did you also come?"
Ground hole?Where is the ground hole ?God, give my[one] ground hole to make me drill into!All strange that Dai fatty old woman, say what teacher Liao the lane come out of cheap trick, literally cope with all right.Wear to break jeans and slippers under the such place, absolutely is besmirch a fairy in heart.What lately ashamed of own unseemliness, several rests the classmate that about dress up with him doesn't arrive as well where.Interjection:"Wait for a second, I go to the last toilet!"Turn round and then run.

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