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Is strange, teacher Liao arrives where go to?How so long haven't come out?"Many people all send out question like this.The Mu permits blue fall to refuse a few invitations that the boys dance, the shields that don't bear begin form.Especially the idea chose a dew shoulder short skirt and was dressed in 1 pair to button up wreath high-heeled shoes very sharply, the neck fastens the reason in black and is like a hundred percent untamed nature sexy kitty."Kill a person, appear and disappear mysteriously all day long, didn't be father at 1:00 of aware of self, hum!"
Suddenly, the party rushes out a middle age with roaring vehemence man on the scene and take 67 young tiger types strong man, call a way:"I pour to and see is where the person not only had the 30th floors and returned Ba to live a swimming pool don't let people's swimming?"After death follow a hotel general manager with anxious look to try very hard to obstruct them:"Xu Dao enchants the swimming pool that is different from still in the island, you can give a face, change a place?"
That leads a Rang way:"That they how don't do me the honor, change a place?"
"Xu Dao, words can not say so, the equipmentses of each swimming pool are all similar....."The general manager is very short of breath, the that silver belonged to for leading sky amuses companies to own a sweet mouth of several VIPs honey tongue, hand over enough expenses annually, is one of the big customers of off the trail island, again say that they also usually take a view to take here, creation of MV sale whole country, fan's innumerable, invisibly did for islet many invisible advertisement, can not easily give offense to.
Student's fog accompanies all startled not already.
Mo Tai always prepares to wait for once the degree of heating arrive and invite Su ice cloud dancing, again dedicate a rose, lend machine to move beauty's tender heart, at present this carelessly the person come to disturbance to cause trouble and don't already make him angry, Liao learns a soldier not at, is exactly an expressional opportune moment, at that moment grow a body but rise, head for that to lead, light say with smile:"The all things arrives after hasing come first, the swimming pool is that we wrapped down first, please don't make trouble without a cause."
"I make your mama to force!"A young tiger type strong man lifts to turn over a table, the wine pot groundly falls off smash.
The son who is used as mafia godfather, Mo always Tai naturally have gifted Zhe popularity power, the hands put into side pocket and say with smile:"Ha ha, excitement Yao, I forgive you this time and considered as don't see good, fuck off for me right away."
The words sound just fell, that strong man was blunt he the noodles door is an one punch, made moves fast and emollient, Mo the Tai always beat nosebleed long flow, Mo always Tai again surprised again Nu, the anti- hand holds tight strong man, the foot steps medium get fed up with slippery wine Zi, beating a Lie Ju and strong man is fierce to rush toward the past, inertial and hundred percent, immediately 2 people toghter roll to pour, connect roll more than ten rices, drop into a swimming pool.
Amuse company and mafia to have thousand the silks are ten thousand wisps of relations, take a television drama in the other parts of country situation ground often head snake blackmail, as time passes, they employed some boxing feet uncommon, cruel hand hot hatchet man, solution drops many troubles, this leads to bring of is their hatchet mans, Mo always Tai experience shortage, suffer a los.
Close Mu cloud to take out a short moment not to leave, take a shower to go to bed also personal but take of penknife:"Dare two years two classes of ground heads act boorishly, isn't the courage small."
The music band gave musical performance to stop, just at this time, pool side always Bo Ge's piano of Si Tan of hush suddenly the run off is together wonderful to go to pole of melody, the tone color of the pearl sort, in the night sky Yuan if the singing flowed to drip.
Xu Dao is stunned speechless, pass Mu cloud is getting more silent, the leaf jade tiger falls calm, Mo the Tai always stop a flounder, because this is pleasing orotund, the owners all hold breath and just and with swords unsheathed and bows drawnly square off a sweep but get empty.
Even is 《the asseveration for loving 》 of a piano concerto, but beautiful flowing freely, but light if visit silk, but the soul is agile, but the desire talk with, order to knock into audience heart, the stool sits in seat of honor one person, from his run off of music, be like an affectionate romantic river into the heart, let everyone completely infatuate with in the romantic nursery tale.

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