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Each boy is deeply shocked, each girl is deeply moved, Mo always the Tai is quiet quiet lie prone by the side of the pond, and is hard to believe.The Mu permits blue fall vision of the fan inebriate, the shell Xiao Dan look in the eyes delight, Lin Su Xing is full to is adoration, president vomiting of difficulties shrimp hull:Is he still a person?
Liao learns a soldier to wear a relaxed and purple silk ans stain shirt, the cuff of sleeve is slightly long, tailor to pretty much match a body, front the Jin start to tie top of trousers, empress the Jin drop to go out noodles and see don't moderate, but at lazy at will and deeply one-upmanship breathing.His glasses took off, the beard residue pared off clean, the face seems to be particularly beautiful and slender and matches with a special purple shirt of that qualities and integrate into among the charming night view, let people a see under hard forget.
His hand is quick of brush past on the keyboard, take out a string of continuous and moving melody, connect a facial expression view thin settle of Li Xing Hua and Su ice cloud is also looking at this manning.
Once clapped numerous MVs, joy the strongest silver the sky amuse one of the trump card directors court in the town night such as be struck by lightning in, this genius man, be called the piano prince is not excessively either.
If music teacher Lyu Kai sit a little bit nearly, then can see the touch apparently so but actually not of his finger and keyboard, although the action is beautiful,the action pounds of keyboard is with send out of note combine incompletely consistent.
Liao learns a soldier not to dare the gist, and then brushes one flat keyboard and wished:"Mama of, luckily have the running dog the manager's arrangement.Packed a miniature high fidelity stereo set in the piano, and then had the computer control the contact of the keyboard, as long as remember mostly in proper order about, otherwise which intimidate this helps happy blind?The Richard is virtuous.Gram Lai get is living show of Man's being false?"
Certainly, for the sake of steady rise to see, is not what everyone meet with the piano and then will broadcast musical either, at underneath have a very small key, can use once, 《love of asseveration 》 finished sowing and then finished, who want up to play, will send out piano original voice.
Seem feelings too devotion, the head doesn't grow not short hair to float in the sky along with the rhythm rock, hair if too long, not easy flick, if too short, there is no the feeling of elegance, be like old Liao so just right accommodation, because of perform properly, pay attention to the persons whom his noodles permits to pass person who note his finger more.
The last note stops, there is no applause, because everyone's brain hasn't enjoyed in retrospect to come over.
Majority of rich family bullets all once were subjected to good education, shell Xiao Dan since the childhood was also forced by the father once do the piano, ear outstanding, hear teacher Liao give musical performance thus be familiar with, that keyboard imitates a Buddha living general on the body, wanted send out what voices all can, already can with"natural endowments" describe, pleasantly surprised, wish the whole world of this man who also can not compare with.
"Play to force hair!"A roaring cry that doesn't understand musical strong man is surprised to break everyone's thoughts and feelings, turn round to general manager in the hotel loudly way:"A words, the swimming pool is still their ours?"
The general manager is two all don't dare to give offense to, but still fear Liao to learn soldiers much some, soft-voiced way:"Xu Dao, they ordered a swimming pool first, you were to change a place."
Allow court disillusion in the town to come over, live irascible under charge, say:"Since is so, can change!I only have a condition, that piano teacher gives musical performance for us."
The surprised way of general manager:", This …… he ……"
Close Mu cloud to say towards smelling the Cui government that the Xun arrives to:"Make a phone call to the funeral home, that old man son dead settled."
Liao who plays the piano indiscriminately learns the station that the soldier is calm to start and closes a keyboard cover, the bearing is light and soft, on the face if have if the smiling face had no, careless look in the eyes, bad didn't in writing forehead"cultured" two words, looking at to allow court in the town to say:"BE?Your proposal is very good."
Be used as a head quarters usually control the director of overall situation in the middle of taking have control to the power of desire, Xu Zhen Ting seems to be in the quarrel to win, ha ha smile:"Still really know an interest, we aren't the person who doesn't preach a reason either, see you a student still, the 30th floors temporarily make you live an in the evening like, at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow had better all move away, feed, don't use that kind of the look in the eyes see me,

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