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The shell Xiao Dan sees teacher Liao an alignment Xu Zhen Ting, greatly hasty in the heart, thinks:"Teacher, you never go to and give musical performance for them what piano song."
"Do you really want to listen to me playing the piano?Want to listen to what song?"Liao learns a soldier the station is allowing court in front in the town, ordered a smoke aweather, the qualities was decadent but grace, connect Mo always Tai all from sigh rather.
" Just that is getting better."
"But I want to hear you bellowing."Liao learns a soldier to finish saying this sentence, a hold tight the hair of allowing court in the town, towarded his Nan in Tatu to come a to record violent knee to bump.
The Rao is that wild strength being thicker to also don't also alleviate Liao to learn soldier's knee fat, Xu Zhen Ting Wu wear the belly kneel on the ground, the root suddenly and violently rises and tries very hard to suppress unexpected huge pain and sufferings on blue vein root of forehead, viscera well be checked to play bomb generally, seethe not only, of mix a stomach liquid in the exhalation one mouthful of muddy Huang blood.
Liao learns soldier's feet to step on his head and says with smile:"If call my 100 grandpas of words, can consider making the swimming pool rendering up you ……a among those urines slot of the toilet in the neighborhood."
"Ah ……killed him!"56 hatchet men deliver one to shout and hurtled to come up at the same time, Liao learned soldier's one feet to once step Xu Zhen ting and took him as gangplank, Gao Gao Yue since, and then is a knee to suddenly press to hurtle on the most anterior hatchet man.Allow court in the town to haven't come yet and reaction, the chin Ke is on the strong and tough marble owner and bite open a tongue, the earthquake splits jaw bones, the tooth hemp accepts to cannot bear up and down collide with each other of tooth, leak out a blood.
"Mao Ca ……" bridge bone is getting grounder, spout a gorgeous brilliant blood flower, that hatchet man is pounded at by the huge dint, involuntarily fly toward the behind to, knock down 23 companions, the speed is the quickest, a piece of ground bone residue son breaks a skin for distorting to still be detained in mid air.
Close Mu cloud one stem the boy early can not restrain and faced in the past, more than tens the student who made trouble out of nothing pulled out case knife fork and raised chair wooden bench and once copied the violin small of music band, magnificent and victorious stem s come.
Front a moment is still like Wen Wan's nobility in the royal house, empress one became cold of abnormal cutthroat, this kind of sense of vision pounds at dint to wait one to the shell Xiao Dan stem girl come to say to absolutely can not imagine and graspses skirt Ju, heart bang bang jumps indiscriminately, don't know teacher Liao of this appearance exactly is well or bad.As for the Mu permits blue fall think, Liao's learning a soldier at this time that kind of tramples the whole balderdash works, is truely the father whom a can start to support an one the sky.
Make longer and the hoot of allowing court in the town of in times before seeing of Smith's man, very not happy, can at this time student dozen, but also not is what they hope, call way:"Little Liao lets them not is beating."
Take the lead to fight of is Wang Liao of the violence to learn a soldier and appeal to ignore it to the president, the one punch beats an eyes of hatchet man that are stopping Cui government neck swollen, is beat°upping the next Yin of the hatchet man in Li Yu in one feet Liao.
The general manager's spine delivers cold:Continue again next remove from the office difficult protect!Is hurriedly or so to make a bow with hands folded in front to advise:"The gentlemens, please stop, begged you ……" voice weak have no dint, even can not hear clearly oneselfs.
"All drag along to go out."Liao learns soldier to occupy the order in the student of breeze, " doesn't influence our parties."Puts chest, Smith's madam who towards distance is tiny to bend from the waist, imitate a Buddha of the knight salutes, smile way:"Madam, you frightenned, please continue, hoping can't influence your mood."
To Liao like this learns a soldier, liking his hand will even like him, he who dislike will also dislike more, not the Tai always climbs a swimming pool, quite a few ten thousand pieces of famous brand western dresses be steeped be like the appearance of sour pickled cabbage, whole body dripping wet of downwards drop water, hate of think:"Good boy, the praying mantis catches a cicada Huang Qiao at after, originally I just do all for the sake of his honour appear cushion, record for me, this hates while everlasting having to the utmost continuing have no unique period!"
The Mu permits blue fell to rush to hold tight old Liao's hand to say in the past:"The teacher don't take care of those idiots and continue to play the piano to let me listen to, very happy listen to you playing the piano."The shell Xiao Dan at this time saw,

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