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"I am very glad, lady."Pull Wu Chun Xing's hand to walk to be present ground in the center, male of calculate not ascend handsome, but with big eyes and thick eyebrows, the heroic spirit is thriving, female of calculate not last beauty, but clever vivid, along with Yue song rhythm but exceed, it is a harmonious in proper form to then seem to be very.
They have an and also be placed in puberty each other some awkward and shy young men and women then eager for action in succession, peacetime already the eyebrow come to eye of several take this opportunity take place boldly and have already established the lovers of relation to then also nowise show weak, borrow to make stronger feelings.
"The panda is quiet, let's also go up to play?"The clock Bai spares no effort invitation, the D is quiet to give reason however, have to promise, say:"Can be can, however you get rules to order, can not touch indiscriminately."
Receive a soldier to hurriedly go ashore, changed set clothes-----Steep again for several minutes, Lin Su Xing is about to dance with the other people!Cheapness who also not ability that boy of cheap Wang Long, also say is give up friend?Said to lend last time an A slice appreciated all Be not willing to, how could Rao he?
The purple shirt that ties an eye just appeared a present side and at least had ten visions to see to old Liao at the same time, however the person is getting tooer many, he can divide an one of them is a shell Xiao Dan, of two, is ……Smith's madam, this also no wonder that, tolerate a student to fight, is a board of directors member of she has no question just strange, however Liao learns a soldier not to dare to rob the situation of the president and walk to the shell Xiao Dan of before the table.
Leaf jade tiger four eyes that haven't rushed through back, only done not know mutually still at silly sit, work harder to state a network of forum up have already spread 1,100 times of stock jokes.
"Four eyes, the D is quiet at call you."Old Liao wants to pay to open four eyes.
Four eyes don't sway:"Do not see her and be the clock Bai dancing?Am I light bulb?"
Once old Liao want to calculate and the eyes of the masses were fixed on under accept shell Xiao the Dan isn't a good matter, the Mu permits blue fall still just distance, being discovered by her can be impending.There are still on the dancing party a lot of female kids, like ……Su ice cloud."You chat first, I take a walk everywhere and receive together play the fully enjoy order."
Mo the Tai always prepare to wait atmosphere warmly on having, again deliver secret password for music band, he plans like, the waltz dance has the whole choreographic of have of function.People's all unanimously approving a waltz is in the social dancing of a, noble cultured, let opposite sex heart in torment, only beautiful waltz.
Everythings all strange silver amusement in the sky shoots the director of making the set to disrupt a step and otherwise invite Su at the moment ice cloud at public eye under jump one song waltz, dedicate 9,999 roses in good time again, guarantee assure to cause a sensation a whole field----His brains has fever and temporarily have never thought this kind of situation to match to be unsuited to proper jump a waltz.
A girl dynasty he walks, pale red color of connect dress short skirt, the skin is smooth such as to, the childish feet still not too adapt to high-heeled shoes and walk to look very awkward."Teacher Mo, I can I ask you to do to pay a dance?"This girl is a sun beautiful Fang in Europe of the student whom Liao learns soldier's class, not the Tai always knows that oneself is always welcomed by girl, just at the moment Su ice cloud in the in front, more difficult, the words beauty promising may be not happy, the words not promising then seem to be disrespectful and temporarily hard put taking or rejecting.
"Teacher Mo, go to, the teachers and the students are together happy.Ha ha."Su ice cloud says with smile.
"Good.The student of"Mo always once the Tai grind teeth, station started to once connect the hand of sun in Europe beautiful Fang, " is still true passionate."He thinks like this, the right hand takes the back of the other party, contacts into back all and methodically, if each distance Yuan of step was once measured land with the ruler, the precision is matchless, while this girl jump also very goodly, the posture still calculates grace at least, the Chen must ascend him.
Because just of shocking appear, have already sat quietly the piano of the good reputation of teacher, the quite a few girls all run to invite Liao to learn a soldier total dance, but see his left hand a bottle of brandy, the right hand is a string of grilled meat, still keep canceling a mind.
The wine that is inclined to depend under the palm tree, infuse an one mouthful in the moment appears a woman whom his imagination doesn't arrive, is a beauty Su ice cloud:"Teacher Liao, is your a person pretty leisurely and carefree,

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