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According to Tyceno together with other suspected victims who spoke with us, "Rack" reached out to a variety of youngsters via the game's in-game voice chat feature. The terms of service forbid the use of the service for illegal purpose, commercial use or to gamble money with others. 2K, the publisher of NBA 2K, has not answered to multiple inquiries for information.

Tyceno claims that Rack offered players to invest large sums of money that promised unusually high return that could be as high as 40%. One of the victims aged 21 told us that he'd lost $6000 and was supposed to get $11,000 because of the "interest" which he was promised to earn. "The scam started by this man Rack posting hundreds of thousand dollars in bets and trying to exaggerate how much money he apparently had."

Another victim, 17 years aged, reported a cybercrime reporting via the Australian Cyber Security Centre. He alleged that he had lost $6,000 in the scam. "He [Rack] explained the scam as if he was giving an amount of money and then getting it back by interest," the teenager stated. "He enjoyed a very good reputation in the community and used it to deceive me and others to pay large amounts of money."

Ted and Zach Leonsis have made a commitment to staying ahead of the game in sports e-sports. It's not surprising that the 2K League team won a championship only a couple of years since its creation. It's a good investment when you consider that the world's Esports market is in the around 450 million. It is expected to with a growth rate of more than a billion dollars in sales annually according to the Newzoo Global Esports Market Report starting in 2019.

Leonsis is also a cochairman, and holds an ownership stake in aXiomatic. This is a world-class esports organization with 14 professional teams. According to Reuters, AXiomatic invested in Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. China's Tencent also owns an interest.

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