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We were looking at the New Orleans Pelican Zion Williamson and Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry on the "play now" screen to watching Curry prepare for the next match with just a couple of bats on the eyes. Previously, 2KTV would show a movie prior to the beginning of games, and as annoying as that was the show had some good sequences sometimes. Oh well.

After entering the arena, we could see tons of things going on in the background, such as performances prior to the game, security sat on the side of the arena, looking over the fans as well as the players getting warmed up. We were met by a familiar, yet new voice. It was Brian Anderson from TNT. Brian Anderson.

Anderson will make his TV debut alongside Grant Hill, Allie LaForce as well as Greg Anthony. While I don't think anyone is unhappy about Harlan or Anthony You can't do wrong with new voices to support them.

I'm not one to pay much attention to what the game's appearance looks like through video. Steph was to be lobbed by Lonzo Ball of the Pelicans to Zion. It looked fluid, and, although it was very predictable (I throw many pick and rolls), it didn't feel like it was thrown out of the air.

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